Putting Knowledge to Work: Knowledge Management in Practice

Come join the Task Force in DC at the TRB Annual Meeting to learn how to build a knowledge management strategy and how to apply that strategy in your organization.

Putting Knowledge to Work: Knowledge Management in Practice
Sunday, January 13, 2019 9:00am to 12:00pm
Leni Oman, Washington State Department of Transportation, presiding
Maureen Hammer, Batelle, presiding

Sponsored by Task Force on Knowledge Management; Standing Committee on Strategic Management; Standing Committee on Management and Productivity; and Standing Committee on Transportation Education and Training

In today’s environment, everything is connected and disruption feels constant. Knowledge is a currency in this shared environment and the transportation sector seeks ways to use it effectively, from data analytics and technology that enable new approaches of managing the transportation system and organization to building on staff experience and innovation. This workshop offers resources on building a knowledge management (KM) strategy to intentionally capture and reuse knowledge resources. The strategy will build on an organization’s current activities to manage people, processes, technology, and information. Participants will learn about activities to help them build KM capabilities.