State and Local Transportation Agency Case Studies in Technology Transfer and Implementation

Description: The TRB Standing Committee on Technology Transfer (T2) ABG30 is soliciting submissions for posters demonstrating technology transfer and implementation approaches in transportation agencies. All aspects of transportation work are eligible, from inspections and policies, to training and construction. We want to hear work of all scales from agency wide implementations to meaningful process improvements. Student poster submissions encouraged.

There is great opportunity and action in state and local transportation agencies, although very few projects and examples are documented in published papers. This poster session will share case studies and inspire future change. Join us and tell your story of change through a poster.

To submit a poster proposal, complete the linked form by October 19, 2018.

The abstract should include information on the following topics, among others, as applicable:

  1. Agency’s T2 needs.
  2. Agency’s understanding of the new technology and its performance, and any policy implications of technology adoption.
  3. Agency’s strategies to address any potential barriers to technology adoption, as it pertains to legal frameworks, markets, policies, and society.
  4. T2 implementation plan, including availability of tools and resources to facilitate technology transfer.
  5. Stakeholder engagement strategies and communication channels established for the T2 process.
  6. Performance measures/metrics adopted for effective implementation of technology.
  7. Outcomes/results of T2, best practices, and lessons learned.

For More Information contact me or see the TRB poster information: